A Window into Humanity

On Saturday, January 13th 2018, at around 8:07am, almost all residents and tourists in Hawaii received the following message on their phones:



On Training vs Exercise

By focusing on training - having a goal oriented approach to what I want my body to do - I’ve changed my relationship with exercise from being negative, full of activities I endured, to something I look forward to. This approach seems to work for others, and might work for you.

On Prioritising Sleep

My aim with this post is to offer you

a) A short case on why you should seriously consider radically prioritising sleep, if you're able to.

b) A mindset/mental approach that I've found has helped with prioritising sleep - because rationally accepting something should be made a priority, and actually doing it, are sadly two different things.

c) Sleep tips.

Notes from 6 months of counselling

On Friday the 9th of March, I finished about a 5-6 month period of counselling sessions. I started them with the aims of tackling some anxiety and negative emotions I had experienced for a long time, and by the end (and at the time of writing) I felt profoundly happier, with many of my problems feeling, to a large extent, dealt with.

This is a piece about my experience of that process.

Since getting a phone, when was the last time you went longer than a day without checking it?

How about accessing the internet?

If you can recall a day at all, I'd bet it was a long time ago. Furthermore, I'd bet that it's not a frequent occurrence

The Pirate King of Manga

Right now, as you read this, he is probably drawing.

His desk is cluttered, covered with pages of sketches. Pots of ink are placed cautiously, with reverence to their capacity for creation and destruction, in the corners – with no risk of being accidentally knocked over.

The smell of smoke, ink bleach and paper fills the air. Cigarette butts lie in an ashtray to one side. A library of manga, paper, and apparatus surrounds him. It is accompanied by an army of colourful dynamic figurines that stand poised, as if ready to strike.