My name is Jack Lawrence.

I'm a 25 year old human, currently working in London. This is my blog where I write things.

Recent backstory:

I studied Physics for undergrad at Cambridge, graduating in 2016. Afterwards, I worked in London for a year and was overcome by existential angst. This turned out to work to my advantage the following year, as between 2017-2018 I completed a masters masters degree in the Philosophy of Physics at Oxford - which had something to do with ideas around parallel universes and questions about the nature of knowledge and time.  

I have many interests, which I attend to and neglect in varying amounts.

Writing, and this website, is one of them.

Others include: cooking, manga, fitness and training, reading (particularly interested in biographies and fantasy novels currently), podcasts (normally interview formats), dancing and comedy.

I do quite a bit of comedy actually, with of a particular interest in Improv. I'm working on a couple of projects with various troupes, which are listed here below:

1. A new troupe in Oxford, called The House of Improv - Facebook page

2. Also I have a troupe in London which regularly does shows, check that out here - Hivemind Improv Facebook page


This is me

This is me

This is me with a tan

This is me with a tan