Rise and shine. We have work to do.

Note: This is article is me trying to articulate my realisation that I can't sit by on the sidelines and watch these things happen, I need to act. It lacks nuance, and it's not got any answers.

It's a bit simplistic, melodramatic and emotional, but hell, so am I. I hope it resonates.

Confronting Existential Angst: A Toolkit

Following on from last week - Questions such as “What should I do with my life? What would make me happy? Am I making the right choice right now?” Aren’t fun. They’re scary to think about.

But they’re not dangerous to think about.

Symptoms can vary from:

1. A creeping feeling that something is wrong.

2. Finding yourself thinking that you have departed from the correct narrative. You are further surprised at this as you previously hadn't thought much about the concept of determinism. 

3. Feeling that you have made a huge mistake, and you must act drastically soon. 

On Cambridge #3: My Top 10 moments, Part 2/3

One of the things I’ll remember most fondly from Cambridge are my supervisions with Bob Dillon. He’s a brilliant teacher and, of all the people I met in Cambridge, I was most awed by his intelligence and thought processes. This guy does between eight to ten hours of physics/maths supervisions back to back, each and every day....

On Cambridge #2: My Top 10 moments, Part 1/3

This post is unlikely to be gut-bustingly funny or deeply thoughtful -  It’s an indulgent collection of some of my most precious memories from my university experience over the past 3 years. Much like stumbling upon someone’s collection of mementos, you might find some of them amusing, intriguing or perhaps odd...

I recall a conversation that happened when I was around 15 between a then-mentor-figure Leo and another older student Nathaniel. I was sitting in a classroom of would-be debaters that were under his tutelage. We were perched on a mix of tables and chairs hanging around after school and I had happened to focus in on this particular conversation going on at the time.....

On starting a blog

Hey, I'm a 20-something human who spends a lot of time on the internet, so I've started a blog. Props for originality right?

Actually, I've always had a bit of terror regarding posting anything online that even strays beyond emotional content such as 'happy birthday'...